Our 24x7 comprehensive monitoring of the Digital Underground can help you transform your information security and anti-fraud operations from reactive to proactive.

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Our diverse team of security and intelligence professionals brings a depth of expertise attained over decades of experience in US and Israeli intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Our professionals are located in the U.S., Israel, and Costa Rica, and cover a wide range of languages and cultures, which is essential in our line of work. Above all, every single member of our team is passionate about our work, committed to continuous improvement, and dedicated to our customers’ success.

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Eli Dominitz

Chief Executive Officer

Eli is the Founder and CEO of Q6 Cyber. Prior to Q6 Cyber, Eli co-founded another cybersecurity company focused on third-party risk management. Earlier in his career, Eli was an Associate Partner with McKinsey & Company, and a Partner at investment firms Jacobs Private Equity and Broadband Capital Management. Eli holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an Honors B.Sc. in computer science from York University.

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Jeffrey Bolle

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff is responsible for leading and setting the vision for our technology and oversees all aspects of technology operations. Jeff began his career with the United States Secret Service’s Cyber Intelligence Section, where he focused on attribution of sophisticated cybercrime targeting the U.S. financial infrastructure. Jeff subsequently joined the United States Marine Corps as a Signals Intelligence Officer, and led the collection, analysis, and delivery of critical intelligence products through two deployments. Jeff was then selected to serve as a Branch Chief at the National Security Agency (NSA), where he led a number of classified programs developing state-of-the-art cyber intelligence collection technologies.

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Robert Villanueva

EVP, Intelligence

Robert leads the Cyber Threat Intelligence Division of Q6 Cyber. Robert joined Q6 Cyber after 25 years of dedicated service in the United States Secret Service, where he specialized in transnational cybercrimes and headed an international Electronic Crimes Task Force. In 2002, Robert founded the U.S. Secret Service’s Cyber Intelligence Section, which coordinates global cyber operations. Robert currently serves on the following boards: Financial Institution Security Association (FISA), International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI), and the Florida International Banker’s Association (FIBA).

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Our philosophy

Traditional security and anti-fraud solutions are generally designed to detect and fend off attacks in real time. Unfortunately, that is too little and too late as evidenced by the steady rise of financial fraud, data breaches, and other electronic crimes. The shift to the cloud and IoT have also expanded the attack surface. Even the most secure organizations can do little to protect their customers, third parties, and vendors that are often far more susceptible to electronic crimes.

At Q6 Cyber, we protect our clients by monitoring the threat actors themselves. Who are they targeting? What tools and tactics are they using? What data is already compromised? Our mission is to change the security and anti-fraud paradigm from reactive to proactive by providing timely and actionable e-crime intelligence to thwart the most relevant threats and adversaries.

We have been at the front lines of law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and corporations fighting fraud, cyber threats and cybercrime. We deeply understand the myriad of challenges that organizations face and the limitations of traditional intelligence offerings. We are keenly aware that security and anti-fraud professionals consume overwhelming amounts of data and “noise” from numerous internal and external sources. We strive to deliver distilled, high-quality intelligence that is impactful and measurable.

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