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Tackling Today’s Threats With Actionable Solutions

We offer wide-ranging professional services, including security assessments, penetration testing, and custom threat investigations, among others, to address a wide range of pertinent security, intelligence, and business challenges. Our security analysts, engineers, and ethical hackers bring cutting-edge expertise developed over decades in military, intelligence, and corporate cybersecurity operations. We also leverage our proprietary intelligence on the latest threats, tools, and techniques used by cybercriminals around the world to ensure that our professional services reflect the “latest and greatest” threats facing our clients.

Our Services

360-Degree Risk Assessment

In-depth, comprehensive assessment that produces tactical remediation and a strategic roadmap for continuous improvement.

No Holds Barred
Assessing cybersecurity practices and gaps provides an organization with a baseline for enterprise-wide cybersecurity awareness and analysis, generates a quantitative and qualitative view of risk, optimizes investments in people and technology, satisfies regulatory or compliance requirements, and measures performance over time. Q6 Cyber performs comprehensive cyber risk assessments that often begin with a rapid inventory of existing IT infrastructure and repositories of sensitive data, together with a review of current security policies, procedures, configurations, and regulatory requirements. Our experts see what’s not there, identifying specific vulnerabilities and threats in order to determine the residual risk within the client’s environment. Finally, our experts work with the client to develop a prioritized remediation roadmap that includes short-term tactical solutions together with a strategic framework for continuous improvement of its cybersecurity posture.

Full Scale Security Program Design

Holistic security programs (people, processes, and technology) based on industry best practices and specific client needs.

Using Every Tool in the Box
Implementing and maintaining a robust cybersecurity program in the face of rapid technological innovation, the Internet of Things, cloud and mobile computing, and ever-changing regulations can be daunting tasks. To make matters worse, cyber attacks are growing quickly in sophistication and magnitude. Q6 Cyber helps clients design and implement vendor-agnostic security programs based on industry best practices. Our holistic approach encompasses the strategic, operational, and tactical layers of a cybersecurity program, addressing people, processes, and technology. Security programs are tailored specifically for each client, as business models, budgets, compliance requirements, and the threat landscape often substantially differ from one company to the next.

Penetration Testing

Thorough penetration tests that incorporate the latest tactics used in real-world attacks against infrastructure and applications.

Going Deep Underground
Penetration testing is a powerful tool for detecting weaknesses, vulnerabilities and security flaws that could allow an attacker to compromise an organization’s assets and intellectual property. In certain industries, penetration testing must be conducted on a periodic basis to achieve compliance with various standards and regulations, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The Q6 Cyber team of security experts and ethical hackers perform custom, thorough penetration tests that incorporate the latest Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s) used by threat actors in real-world attacks. Our experts simulate external attacks as well as malicious insiders (such as a rogue employee) targeting web and mobile applications, infrastructure, and even human assets through social engineering. Upon completion, our clients receive comprehensive reports detailing vulnerabilities identified, consequences of exploitation, and specific implementable guidance on remediation strategies.

Incident Response

Critical services to recover quickly and minimize financial impact, reputational damage, business disruption, and data loss.

Not Skipping a Beat
In the event that a cyber breach has occurred, Q6 Cyber provides the critical, timely incident response services to help clients recover quickly and minimize financial impact, reputational damage, business disruption, and data loss. Q6 Cyber’s expert incident response team rapidly contains and methodically eliminates the most advanced attacks, while following evidentiary procedures to support potential legal or regulatory investigations. Incident response is often coupled with digital forensics to determine the source and scope of the breach. As importantly, Q6 Cyber also helps clients prepare for incidents in advance by implementing an effective and comprehensive incident response plan and testing incident response procedures with simulated attacks. A well-prepared, proactive approach can dramatically reduce the negative impact of an attack.

Digital Forensics

Forensic investigations of networks and devices (including mobile) determined or suspected to be compromised.

Leaving No Stone Unturned
Digital forensics can be used to determine the nature and extent of a breach, attribute attacks to specific individuals or entities, and document evidence to be admissible in legal and other proceedings. Digital forensic investigations typically support incident response handling, though they are often applied before an incident is declared to assess whether a breach has actually occurred. The Q6 Cyber team of digital forensics specialists has extensive experience in computer forensics, network forensics, mobile device forensics, and forensic data analysis. Our approach employs best-in-class evidentiary procedures to ensure the integrity of the Chain of Custody. Q6 Cyber also provides digital forensics training to clients building internal capabilities.

Security Awareness Training

Thorough employee training and awareness programs to create a sustainable security-oriented culture.

Empowering Employees in the Fight
Human behavior remains one of the most difficult challenges in cybersecurity. Uninformed user behavior, errors, and failure to follow cybersecurity policies can compromise the integrity of even the most technically-secure environments. According to the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report, 23% of email recipients open phishing emails and 11% click on attachments. Phishing and spear-phishing campaigns are common techniques used by cyber criminals, part of a broader toolkit of social engineering. Q6 Cyber offers behavioral training and awareness programs targeting specific threats such as phishing, social engineering, and travel security. Furthermore, Q6 Cyber helps clients develop and execute an engaging, ongoing, and thorough security awareness program with the goal of creating a sustainable security-oriented culture.

Custom Investigations

Thorough investigations of complex threats and incidents leveraging our creative and inventive intelligence know-how.

Bespoke Tailoring
Faced with complex fraud, cyber, or other investigations of wrongdoing by internal or external parties, organizations often require investigative consulting expertise to augment in-house efforts. The Q6 Cyber team of intelligence analysts brings cutting-edge research and analytical skills, and innovative out-of-the-box strategies to solve the most complex of challenges. Coupled with our extensive monitoring of the Digital Underground and other limited-access data sources, Q6 Cyber employs a comprehensive toolset to successfully conduct and conclude investigations of a wide array of risk concerns.

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