Our 24x7 comprehensive monitoring of the Digital Underground can help you transform your information security and anti-fraud operations from reactive to proactive.

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How it works?

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The Q6 Difference

Playing defense against sophisticated fraudsters and cybercriminals is too little and too late. To win, institutions must deploy proactive E-Crime Intelligence programs that detect threats with greater speed, accuracy, and effectiveness. We provide targeted and actionable E-Crime Intelligence with speed and precision unparalleled in the industry today, delivering exceptional ROI through significant reduction of fraud losses, data breaches, and other electronic crimes.

Deep Experience:
  • Decades of experience tracking cybercriminal and fraud ecosystems led by veterans of the NSA, US Secret Service, and Israeli Military Intelligence (Unit 8200)
  • Extensive human intelligence capabilities across multiple languages

High Impact:
  • Measurable ROI
  • On average, client investment recovered in less than 3 months
  • Substantial fraud loss reduction (double digit %)

Actionable Intelligence:
  • Immediately actionable intelligence - post breach, pre-fraud
  • Comprehensive 24x7 coverage - collecting millions of records weekly
  • Tailored, real-time and consistent intelligence

Outside-in Monitoring:
  • No access required into client systems or data
  • Quick and hassle-free implementation

Ease of Use:
  • No need for downstream processing or analysis
  • Easy integration with existing security and anti-fraud systems

Network Effect:
  • Intelligence and best practices sharing across customers

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"Thanks to Q6 Cyber’s proactive intelligence, our debit card fraud losses are down 50% vs. last year.

We have been working with Q6 Cyber for over a year now, and I have to say that it has transformed our fraud prevention program. The actionable and timely threat intelligence provided by Q6 allows us to protect compromised customer accounts from fraudulent charges, reducing our fraud losses and maintaining our strong brand reputation. Our fraud prevention program is no longer reactive. It has become more proactive and more dynamic. The impact has been tremendous. Debit card fraud losses are down 50% vs. last year. All this adds up to a very valuable solution that has now become a key component of our fraud prevention program.”

Chief Information Security Officer,
Financial institution operating in the U.S., Latin America, and Asia.
"Q6 Cyber’s unique threat intelligence gives us early visibility of threats and risks outside our network perimeter.

I run a mature cybersecurity organization as one would expect for a large financial institution. What sparked my interest in Q6 Cyber’s threat intelligence service was their wide coverage outside our network perimeter into the DarkNet and the DeepWeb. The results have been astounding. Over the past 12 months, Q6 delivered approximately 2,000 targeted and actionable findings that represent real risks to our organization. I highly recommend Q6 to security and fraud prevention teams looking for an edge in combating cybercrime and fraud.”

Senior Vice President,
Security and Corporate Investigations, Premier regional bank in the U.S.