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Every organization today, regardless of type or size, constantly faces ever increasing, damaging cyber attacks perpetrated by cyber criminals, “hacktivists”, state-sponsored actors, and malicious insiders. The motives, though all nefarious, vary – from financial gain and theft of intellectual property to political espionage and ideological activism.

Despite substantial innovation and investments in information security, cyber attacks have grown in scale and sophistication, often outpacing security measures. Why is that so? Traditional cybersecurity and fraud prevention solutions have taken a the-best-offense-is a good-defense approach, thereby reactively, attempting to detect and repel malicious activity in real time. That’s too little, too late. Additionally, cyber threat intelligence solutions providing Indicators of Compromise (IOC’s) such as IP addresses and file hashes have failed to upend the status quo, as threat actors have learned to rapidly change such visible indicators.

We monitor the Digital Underground, including both open and hidden sources, to proactively identify and contain emerging threats and imminent attacks (before they rear their ugly heads). In cases where a data breach, fraud, or other malicious activity is already underway, our intelligence puts the pedal to the metal, accelerating discovery and substantially reducing the cost and impact of the incident. Our intelligence is actionable and specifically targeted for each of our clients.


Our timely, targeted and actionable intelligence allows our clients to identify and respond to advanced threats with greater speed, accuracy, and effectiveness.

Early Detection

Identify and thwart cyber and other threats
before an attack is executed.

Rapid Response

Discover evidence of malicious activity and act quickly to minimize damage and recover compromised data.

Key Features

Dedicated Intelligence Analysts

Multilingual Coverage

Dark Net and Deep Web Coverage

Real-Time Alerts

24×7 Monitoring

Use Cases

We provide a wide range of actionable intelligence for clients across industries. Use cases include:

  • Newly developed and yet unreleased malware.
  • Compromised customer records.
  • Stolen intellectual property and sensitive corporate data.
  • Compromised employee records.
  • Planned and active social engineering campaigns.
  • Planned and active phishing campaigns.
  • Latest Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP’s) used by cyber criminals against specific companies and sectors.
  • Corporate network or web vulnerabilities exploited.
  • Rogue mobile apps.
  • Physical threats targeting individuals, events, or facilities.
  • Insider threats.


Thanks to Q6 Cyber’s proactive intelligence, our debit card fraud losses are down 50% vs. last year

“We have been working with Q6 Cyber for over a year now, and I have to say that it has transformed our fraud prevention program.

The actionable and timely threat intelligence provided by Q6 allows us to protect compromised customer accounts from fraudulent charges, reducing our fraud losses and maintaining our strong brand reputation. Our fraud prevention program is no longer reactive. It has become more proactive and more dynamic.

The impact has been tremendous. Debit card fraud losses are down 50% vs. last year. All this adds up to a very valuable solution that has now become a key  component of our fraud prevention program.”

Senior Vice President, Security and Corporate Investigations, Premier regional bank in the U.S.

Q6 Cyber’s unique threat intelligence gives us early visibility of threats and risks outside our network perimeter

“I run a mature cybersecurity organization as one would expect for a large financial institution. What sparked my interest in Q6 Cyber’s threat intelligence service was their wide coverage outside our network perimeter into the DarkNet and the DeepWeb.

The results have been astounding. Over the past 12 months, Q6 delivered approximately 2,000 targeted and actionable findings that represent real risks to our organization. I highly recommend Q6 to security and fraud prevention teams looking for an edge in combating cybercrime and fraud.”

Chief Information Security Officer, Financial institution operating in the U.S., Latin America, and Asia.

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