Our 24x7 comprehensive monitoring of the Digital Underground can help you transform your information security and anti-fraud operations from reactive to proactive.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

We are looking for an experienced threat intelligence analyst with tech skills, which is passionate both about technology and intelligence.

  • Identify and evaluate new data sources.
  • Conduct web-based and HUMINT based research on Deep Web and other restricted information sources.
  • Develop and execute advanced data analytics using our proprietary intelligence platform.
  • Produce insights on the latest trends and relevant threat groups in cybercrime from open, restricted, and proprietary data sources through written intelligence products.
  • Make fact-based assessments on a wide range of threats and risks affecting our clients.
  • Regularly engage with clients to present intelligence and make recommendations.

  • 3 + years of experience in an analytical role of threat intelligence analyst, or similar positions.
  • Knowledge and experience in Python.
  • Experience with basic malware analysis and threat hunting.
  • Strong team and interpersonal skills along with the ability to work independently and achieve individual goals.
  • Excellent English verbal and written communication skills.
  • Skilled at WEBINT operations.
  • High level of interest in combating cybercrime and fraud.
  • Can-do attitude.

To apply, please click the following button, and attach your CV including a cover letter.

About the Company:  Q6 Cyber is the leading E-Crime Intelligence company. We monitor the “Digital Underground” - a vast universe where hackers, fraudsters, and cybercriminals operate and interact. Our 24x7 coverage includes not only hacking forums on the Dark Web and Deep Web, but also malware networks and other cybercrime infrastructure, private messaging applications, and more.

We deliver targeted and actionable e-crime intelligence with unparalleled speed and precision, resulting in exceptional ROI through significant reduction of fraud losses, cyber and data breaches, and other electronic crimes.

Q6 Cyber is led by veterans of the NSA, US Secret Service, and Israeli Military Intelligence (Unit 8200). We serve large enterprise customers around the world.