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Location: Atlanta

We are recruiting an experienced software engineer to join our Java software development team. Q6cyber is committed to developing leading-edge systems based on the latest web-scale data collection, analysis, and storage technologies. We are building a flexible platform that can support multiple business offerings and are looking for a candidate who wants to explore the edge of the possible and find creative solutions to difficult problems. If you are looking for a job focused on developing against a list of detailed predetermined specifications, then this isn’t the position for you. We expect the candidate to work closely with stakeholders across the company to deliver on our vision and develop a set of tools that enable our analysts to succeed and provide critical intelligence to our clients.

  • Participate in the delivery of distributed, scalable, data-driven, and microservices-based applications developed within a mixed-language development environment with a focus on Java backend services.
  • Contribute across the range of internal applications, from scalable analytics and data processing to backend services for our client facing web applications.
  • Development in a Linux / open source, cloud based, environment integrating external and internal APIs through Protobuf and JSON.
  • Support the intelligence analysis team through a highly iterative and fast development cycle to understand requirements and deliver capabilities.
  • Work closely with other engineering teams to ensure interoperability of applications.
  • Maintaining complex software projects. This includes version control, testing, release engineering, and deployment.
  • Agile! We are a small, committed team where everyone chips in to make things happen. Mindset is just as important as skillset. The team is driven by a burning desire to pull intelligence out of the mass of data and quickly surface those insights to our analysts and clients. Technology is just a means to that end.

  • Proven experience developing software in an agile environment.
  • Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in computer science or a related field.
  • Understanding of object oriented design, design patterns, distributed systems and backend services.
  • Experiencing designing and delivering microservice based applications.
  • 5+ years of experience developing in Java and JVM ecosystem with a strong focus on modern Java versions (8+).
  • 5+ years of experience working in an Agile team in a Scrum or Kaban type methodology.


  • Developing production applications in Java 8+.
  • Asynchronous programming through the use of Futures.
  • Spring Boot.
  • Comfortable in a Linux / BSD environment.
  • Cloud based development and delivery: Amazon AWS or Google Compute Cloud.


  • NoSQL databases and full-text indexing, preferably Elasticsearch
  • Reactive programming implementations in Java: Reactor, RxJava, etc.
  • Message Queuing systems such as Apache Kafka, AWS SQS, or Google PubSub

About the Company: Q6 Cyber is a fast-growing cybersecurity company. We offer managed security services, professional services, and threat intelligence. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida.