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Location: San José, Costa Rica

We are recruiting an experienced full stack web developer to join our application development team. We are committed to delivering a top quality web experience and workflow, and need a passionate professional to continue refining the vision and make it a reality. We expect the candidate will take the current vision and make it his/her own, and truly own the end-user experience on the web. Security is a primary requirement along with high quality design and ease of use for the end-users.

Core Duties:

  • Design and build a secure, compelling, end-user workflow and experience
  • Evaluate and select the core technologies needed to deliver a secure, responsive, intuitive application
  • Work closely with our front-end team to develop the necessary services, APIs, etc. to successfully drive the web experience
  • Constantly evolve and improve our end-user interface
  • Deliver a consistent, reliable, performant, external API
  • Work with an agile team to solve problems and deliver results

Detailed responsibilities:

  • Lead the technology selection and application architecture as appropriate for new applications
  • Work closely with the front-end engineering team to ensure coordinated APIs are developed
  • Full stack web application development using proven technology stack
  • Full cycle of back-end UI development. Includes deep understanding of the NodeJS, ExpressJS, object-oriented JavaScript, and common JavaScript libraries
  • Evaluating and utilizing frameworks for front end development, such as Angular, React, Vue
  • Maintaining complex JavaScript/Typescript back-end projects. This includes the ability to structure JavaScript code, delay loading, long running operation support, and execution optimization
  • Manage the optimization, and bundling of our framework/libraries using tools like Backpack, NodeJS scripts
  • Maintaining and extending the projects testing suite, both Unit and Integration tests


  • Expertise in NodeJS, ExpressJS, the Express Middleware pattern
  • Experience with NoSQL Database Adapters like mongoose, elasticsearchjs, etc.
  • Experience building Resource Oriented HTTP REST APIs
  • Expertise in REST/JSON/AJAX
  • Experience with agile development and version control systems
  • Excellent debugging and problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to operate independently as part of a distributed team

About the Company: Q6 Cyber is a fast-growing cybersecurity company. We offer managed security services, professional services, and threat intelligence. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida.