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Check Your Checks: The Modernization of Check Fraud

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Check Your Checks: The Modernization of Check Fraud

Check fraud - particularly via mobile deposit - is on the rise. In this webinar, we will discuss how fraudsters and cybercriminals are utilizing mobile check deposit to cash out from compromised accounts. We will deep dive into the tools fraudsters have obtained to perpetuate the fraud, including pirated check printing software such as EZchecks and check templates with Photoshop. Finally, we will explore the underground ecosystem facilitating the supply and demand for check fraud.

About the presenter: Maria Noriega

Maria Noriega is an E-Crimes Intelligence Analyst at Q6 Cyber focusing on financial cybercrime trends in the Underground. Maria's background includes an MPhil from the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo, Norway and a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Florida International University, as well as certificates in forensic accounting and cryptocurrency. Maria is an experienced researcher and is internationally recognized and published for her work within the tech-centric criminal justice field.

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