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OTP Bots: Taking Account Takeovers to the Next Level

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OTP Bots: Taking Account Takeovers to the Next Level

In 2021, One-Time-Passcode (“OTP”) Bots emerged as a new trend in underground cybercrime communities and quickly turned into a successful Crimeware-as-a-Service model. OTP Bots provide access to automated services that call victims, appearing as a legitimate call from the victim’s financial institution. The victim is deceived into providing their one-time-password and other types of PII (e.g., SSN, DOB) which is sent back to the malicious operator. Over this past year, the combined losses for victims of these malicious services have skyrocketed. In this webinar, we will discuss how OTP Bot services function, how they have evolved, and the underground ecosystem driving their popularity.

About the presenter: Jessica Kelley

Jessica Kelley is an Analyst at Q6 Cyber. Leveraging extensive intelligence experience and multilingual fluency, she focuses on threat intelligence triaging, collection, and analysis.

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