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Cerberus: A Thriving Mobile Malware Ecosystem

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Cerberus is an Android Remote Administration Tool (RAT) that was launched in June 2019 and quickly gained traction in certain parts of the cybercriminal underground. The COVID-19 pandemic brought a further boost as cybercriminals intensified smishing and other mobile attacks. In just one week in late March 2020, Cerberus malware was installed close to one million times.

Cerberus provides a wide range of capabilities, from basic mobile malware features such as SMS interception, keylogger, and call forwarding, to more advanced ones such as timed injections and Google Play Protect anti-detect.

What makes Cerberus most notable, though, is its vibrant community of customers and 3 rd -party providers that is more advanced than that of many other mobile Malware-as-a-Service providers. Though relatively new in the mobile malware scene, the actors behind Cerberus have quickly built an ecosystem of inject developers, hosting providers, and customers. This effort was supported by a unique marketing strategy (in the cybercriminal underground) that helped establish Cerberus’ reputation.

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