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The Underground Reshipping Fraud Ecosystem

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The busy holiday shopping season is upon us, and the massive growth in e-commerce sales fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic spells good news for online merchants. Yet the spike in reshipping fraud is threatening to cut deeper into merchants’ margins.

Reshipping fraud is a scheme whereby a fraudster uses a stolen payment card to purchase a product online, shipping it to a ‘reshipper’ or ‘parcel mule’, in order to hide the fraudster’s identity. The mule then ships the product to an address specified by the fraudster.

The Dark Web is home to a large underground ecosystem of the illicit reshipping fraud ‘industry’. This ecosystem includes fraudsters, sophisticated cybercriminal gangs, resellers, mules, vendors offering mules ‘as-a-service’, and online marketplaces.

To better combat reshipping fraud, online merchants must transform their anti-fraud posture from reactive to proactive. Simply relying on traditional anti-fraud solutions based on transaction scores and publicly available data – i.e., waiting for fraudsters to strike and hope to detect them - is not sufficient.

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