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Hospitality Industry: Still a Top Target for Cybercriminals

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Cybercriminals perceive hotels to be high-value targets. A successful compromise of a hotel offers cybercriminals opportunities to exploit not only the hotel itself but also a wide range of its 3rd-party providers, partners, and guests (past and future).

Additionally, cybercriminals view hotels as relatively easy targets due to the nature of hotel operations; specifically, the daily email communication with hundreds of external contacts, including receipt of many email attachments. This dynamic provides a wide range of opportunities to target hotel staff – particularly reception and reservations staff - using proven email-based phishing and social engineering attacks.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the hospitality industry is suffering, cybercriminals continued to target and compromise hotels throughout the world.

Download our research report to learn more about why and how cybercriminals target the hospitality sector, with a detailed case study of a hotel that was hacked and exploited over several months.

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