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Building impenetrable borders through proactive, intelligence-driven security

At Q6 Cyber, we excel at both sides of the cyber security game, recognizing that in order to adequately defend against increasingly sophisticated adversaries, organizations must be proactive from the start, by gaining early visibility of these adversaries’ malicious activities, plans, and tools. As such, we employ a proactive, intelligence-driven approach to security. We continuously monitor and analyze the “Digital Underground” to identify and contain emerging threats, fraud, cyber attacks, and other malicious activity, before they wreak their havoc.

Our Solutions

Cyber Threat Intelligence

We’ve got your back

We monitor the Digital Underground, including both open and hidden sources, to proactively identify and contain emerging threats and imminent attacks (before they rear their ugly heads).

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Professional Services

Addressing the latest and greatest threats

We offer wide-ranging professional services, including penetration testing and custom investigations, to address security, intelligence, and business challenges.

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Who occupies the Digital Underground?

The Digital Underground is the dark side of the Internet, a vast online underground of websites, marketplaces, communities, chat rooms, and forums where hackers and cybercriminals converge. Part of the Digital Underground is publicly accessible; however, much of the activity takes place on the “Darknet” or “Deep Web” – parts of the Internet that are anonymous and inaccessible to most users. Like the physical black market, the Digital Underground encompasses a wide range of illicit goods and activities, including:

  • Stolen records, e.g., financial accounts, health records, and personal records.
  • Hacker tools, e.g., malware, exploit kits, zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • “Crime as a Service”, e.g., DDOS services, botnets, custom jobs.
  • Hacker training and collaboration.

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