Privacy Policy

This document has the purpose of formalizing the commitment with security and privacy of information collected from Q6 Cyber website service users.

  1. When subscribing to this website, the user may provide personal information, which will include, among others, name, address, telephone number, e-mail and market of operation. Q6 CYBER will ensure the user’s privacy, as well as the privacy of the information the user makes available, in compliance with strict security and confidentiality standards.
  2. Q6 CYBER will not sell nor lease the user’s personal information to third parties, nor will it use or share such information in a way different from the one described in this Privacy Policy without prior consent from the user.
  3. Each information made available by the users can be solely and exclusively collected by Q6 CYBER. If a certain user wishes to, his/her subscription may be deleted or deactivated.
  4. Q6 CYBER will only disclose the user’s information when (i) expressly authorized by the user himself/herself; (ii) by judicial order; or (iii) by force of law.
  5. The information included in information records is protected by passwords granted by Q6 CYBER, with the purpose of having the user access only his/her personal information, without affecting the described on item 3 above. The user must be careful with his/her password, avoiding its voluntary or involuntary disclosure to another person. Q6 CYBER does not request password via telephone call or e-mail. The user shall log off from the website and close the browser window when concluding a session. It is a preventive measure, in order to avoid irregular and improper browsing by unauthorized third parties/use of your password.
  6. No data transmission via the Internet is absolutely secure. Thus, despite all efforts to be made to ensure the protection of the user’s personal information, Q6 CYBER cannot ensure that the information transmitted to Q6 CYBER during the navigation on this website will be absolutely secure. It is worth highlighting that the user is the sole responsible for maintaining the privacy of his/her password, and must be careful and responsible whenever he/she is online.
  7. The user acknowledges and agrees that the collection and use, by Q6 CYBER, of information provided by him/her as established in this PRIVACY POLICY is not considered any violation to the right to privacy and secrecy, copyright, publicity or any other right related to protection of personal information. Notwithstanding, the user is aware that rights to privacy are independent and do not mix with rights to intellectual property, image, honor and reputation, and other personal rights, and that, therefore, not always the information he/she provides to Q6 CYBER will be protected by such rights.
  8. Whenever necessary, the user can update his/her personal information through different channels available on Q6 CYBER. In this website, there are areas of restrict access. The user accepts and agrees that the undue access to such areas shall be considered invasion of privacy. Q6 CYBER recommends that the user refers to the Term of Use for this website, of which this PRIVACY POLICY is an integral part.
  9. The contents (text, file, image, sound) and applications (program, system) from Q6 CYBER’s website are protected by applicable laws and regulations, being forbidden any modification, reproduction, storage, transmission, copy, distribution or any other method of use, whether for commercial purposes or not, without prior authorization from Q6 CYBER.
  10. Q6 CYBER will not be held responsible for damages and problems resulting from delay, interruption or blockage to data transmissions via the internet. The functions of this website are not to be confused with provision of access to the internet, and Q6 CYBER is not obliged to provide information about the flow of data from users who access the website.
  11. Whenever other organizations are hired to provide support services, the adjustment to our privacy standards will be required.
  12. Attempts to invade the Q6 CYBER websites will be handled, according to legal prescription, as damage, theft or any other penal typing.
  13. Q6 CYBER may change the PRIVACY POLICY established herein at any time due to adoption of new technologies, change to legislation or needs for safety and operation of the website, and its eventual changes will always be available on this website, becoming valid as of the date of their publication on the website. This PRIVACY POLICY does not revoke nor replace other contractual instruments concerning confidentiality and privacy and that relate Q6 CYBER with any of the users, in relation to the establishment of partnerships and other relationships.